Cardiff BookTalk 2021 – Spring Programme

Dates for your diary – Our spring programme features author readings with Richard Gwyn, Susan M. Gaines and Tyler Keevil, a new look at the cult writings of Octavia Butler and Ann Quin, plus heated discussion of Hilary Mantel‘s new blockbuster, The Mirror and the Light and Virginia Woolf‘s immortal To The Lighthouse.

All talks are free and at this point it appears that they will continue to be delivered via the magic of Zoom. Please watch this space or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for further information and details of when you will be able to book your place.

3 February, 7pm: Richard Gwyn, The Blue Tent 
17 February, 7pm: Susan M. Gaines, Accidentals 
In conversation with Frank Hailer and Martin Willis
3 March, 7pm: Octavia Butler’s Kindred 
Speakers: Josie Gill, Britney Henry, David Shackleton
24 March, 7pm: Ann Quin’s Passages (in collaboration with Modern and Contemporary Research Group) 
Speakers: Arwa Al-Mubaddel, Josh Powell
21 April, 7pm: Tyler Keevil, Your Still Beating Heart 
12 May, 7.30pm: Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light  
Speakers: Sophie Coulombeau, Catherine Fletcher, Emilie Murphy 
2 June, 7pm: Summer Special, Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse with speaker Jess Cotton  

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