Tome on the Range: Contemporary writers reflect on Ann Quin

‘I’d grown up halfway between London and Brighton, and chosen Brighton as ‘my’ town: her representation of it in Berg was bleak, brutal and hilarious, attacking British holiday culture and patriarchal society as much as it opposed social realism.

‘With a range of contemporary British writers asking if the wrong side won the post-war literary battle, it seems appropriate to look at avenues that weren’t fully explored; Quin, with her fragmentary, razor-sharp style and thoroughly modern takes on gender and sexuality, seems more than most like a voice worth revisiting.’ – Juliette Jacques

In this Tome on the Range feature from art and culture blog The Quietus, a range of contemporary experimental authors (Stewart Home, Isabel Waidner, Lee Rourke, Juliette Jacques, Stuart Evers, China Miéville, and Lara Pawson) talk about how they first experienced Ann Quin and the influence her work had on them.

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