Emma Jane Kirby – The Optician of Lampedusa

The BookTalk team, in partnership with Cardiff Amnesty International, are delighted to announce our first event of the new academic year!

On 21 October, the award-winning former BBC journalist Emma-Jane Kirby will be speaking at a joint Cardiff Amnesty International Human Rights Book Club / Cardiff University BookTalk event. In conversation with Tom Davies, Amnesty International Campaign Manager, Emma-Jane will be discussing her book The Optician of Lampedusa.

The novel shines a spotlight on the ongoing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, telling the true story of an ordinary Italian who rescued drowning migrants. The book vividly exposes the heart-breaking humanitarian tragedy that has been taking place on Europe’s doorstep and the lack of welcome Europe has given to some of the world’s most desperate and vulnerable people.

During the years Emma-Jane Kirby worked as a BBC foreign correspondent, she made many reports from the frontline of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Her voice will be familiar to listeners of Radio 4’s news programmes The World at One and PM.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be recorded, events are FREE and open to all.

All recordings of this and past BookTalk events can be found here: BookTalk Recordings

Book your free ticket for this online event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cardiff-booktalk-the-optician-of-lampedusa-registration-169502190615

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