Dr Jac Saorsa on the Drawing Women’s Cancer Project

In this short film, made in the early stages of the Drawing Women’s Cancer project, Dr Jac Saorsa explains the premise of the project and presents some of the art.

‘This project is about experience – the profound human experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health.’

‘This project is an initiative developed through a unique collaboration between an artist and a surgeon to address, through visual art, the reality of experience when the subtle balance of life is tipped by the onset of disease.’

‘This project is about the lives of women who have suffered, are still suffering and are yet to suffer the impact of gynaecological disease. It is not so much about the disease itself, the etiological world of causes and symptoms, or the biomedical intervention that is the treatment regime; it is more about what it feels like when all sense of normality, and all the expectations of a future that accompany good health, suddenly become submerged in degrees of suffering that impact both on the individual, and on the people who care for and about her.’

‘This project is about the experience of illness, where that experience overrides all others. It is about creating a language that has the power to speak, not necessarily for the women whose personal stories are taken as the basis for what is shown here, but rather because of them.’

‘This project is because there is a need for all women who are suffering to be heard.’

More information and updates about the Drawing Women’s Cancer project can be found on Jac’s blog (https://drawingcancer.wordpress.com/). Dr Jac Saorsa will be discussing her book Like Any Other Woman with poet Gwyneth Lewis at the next Cardiff BookTalk on Wednesday 19 January.

Book your free place at this Zoom event here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cardiff-booktalk-like-any-other-woman-registration-212537474307?aff=ebdsoporgprofile

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