Like Any Other Woman – free ebook from Cardiff University Press

Next week’s Cardiff BookTalk features Dr Jac Saorsa who will be discussing her book Like Any Other Woman: The Lived Experience of Gynaecological Cancer, co-authored with Rebecca Phillips. In advance of this event you can read Like Other Woman as a free e-book from Cardiff University Press. Download it here:

Interviews with cancer patients are woven into Saorsa’s carefully noted and evocative impressions of conducting the project, making it a compelling portrait, not only of the women’s lived experience of diagnosis and treatment, but a fascinating window into an artist’s practice. Like Any Other Woman is a deeply affecting book. It doesn’t flinch in its portrayal of the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment and Saorsa creates a space of great dignity and compassion for the women to tell their stories. The drawings are used sparingly and with sensitivity, the tradition of neat anatomical illustration somehow harnessed to a more expressionistic, subjective eye.

Poet Gwyneth Lewis will be in conversation with Dr Jac Saorsa at Cardiff BookTalk on Wednesday 19 January. This online event is free and open to all. Book your place here:

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