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Cardiff BookTalk to be filmed for Channel 4 documentary

Cardiff BookTalk is pleased to announce that our final event of the year, marking the bicentenary of Emily Brontë, will be filmed by a Cardiff TV company producing a new arts documentary on Brontë and her novel Wuthering Heights. The documentary will be aired on Channel 4 later in the year and will be presented by the actress and activist Lily Cole.

So brush up on your Brontë knowledge and make sure to come along on Monday night to Cardiff University’s Main Building, where there’ll be fascinating papers by three expert speakers and a chance to share your views – with Cardiff BookTalk, and with Channel 4! Tickets are going very fast to make sure to grab yours here.

(If you’re attending the event and you’d prefer not to be filmed, that’s no problem; just let the production team know on the night.)


EVENT UPDATE 11/06/18: Wuthering Heights Panel Alteration

With our final event of the 2017/18 year now only a week away comes a last minute panel change: Professor Stevie Davies is unfortunately no longer able to join us, but in her place we are thrilled to be hosting Dr. Márta Minier, Lecturer in Drama at the University of South Wales. Márta will join our two other expert speakers, Dr. Amber Pouliot and Dr. Catherine Paula Han, to discuss Emily Brontë and Wuthering Heights.

If you haven’t yet grabbed your tickets, they are free on Eventbrite but going quickly – get yours here!