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The Papers of James Graham Ballard: High-Rise

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Held by the British Library and part of the digital Discovering Literature: 20th Century exhibition, these pages from c.1974 give an insight into Ballard’s editing process as he was writing High-Rise. Shown here are two sheets of summary notes, as well as the opening pages from an early draft of the novel. Both were first written out on a typewriter, and later heavily annotated and revised by hand in blue and black pen.

To view the pages more closely, visit the collection page on http://www.bl.uk here.

Our next event takes place on the 1st April 2019 and will mark the 10th anniversary of British author J. G. Ballard’s death, with an event on his 1975 novel High-Rise. Our panel will feature three expert speakers on contemporary literature, science fiction and urban design: Prof. Roger Luckhurst, Dr. Aiden Tynan, and Dr. Günter Gassner.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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J G Ballard on what’s wrong with London and relieving boredom with a Kalashikov

In an interview with Chris Hall in 2003, J G Ballard expounded on his belief that London needed a freeway system comparable to that in LA among other things. These unpublished excerpts were eventually published in the Architect’s Journal on 29 April 2009, shortly after Ballard’s … Continue reading J G Ballard on what’s wrong with London and relieving boredom with a Kalashikov

The Bookseller on The Golden Orphans

I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel – novella, really – by a founder of Wales Arts Review. With shades of The Talented Mr Ripley, it’s a dark, fast-paced literary thriller which centres on the fate of artist Francis Benthem who ostensibly created an enviable new life for himself, painting in Cyprus. But when he’s found dead, his former protégé, visiting the island to attend his funeral, gets himself thoroughly mixed up in its underworld after meeting a mysterious Russian benefactor, and caught up in the mystery of what happened to the Golden Orphans.

This review appeared in ‘Previewer’s Picks’ in The Bookseller Magazine in 2018 and gives an exciting taster of what could be expected in Raymond’s at that point still-anticipated thriller.

Our next event takes place on the 11th February 2019 and will be an exploration of the literary thriller genre. Cardiff author Gary Raymond will be in residence to discuss his new book, The Golden Orphans, alongside speakers Dr. Fiona Peters and Dr. Hannah Hamad.

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